jaegermonstrous asked:

i'm a history major, and i just wanted to say i *lovelovelove* your blog! even now, a lot of history texts don't pay attention to the presence of peoples of color in Europe, and you really have to hunt for anything beyond footnotes, so it's wonderful to have found such a rich resource. thank you!

medievalpoc answered:

Thank you!

It’s true that it can be very difficult to find anything but footnotes…and a lot of the content here comes from hunting down those footnotes, and the footnotes to the footnotes, and getting lost down research rabbitholes until I find something interesting and worthwhile to share with everyone.

So many of these artworks are framed as exceptions, anomalies, and written about as if they are totally unique or “the first” of their kind. But what happens when you taker all of these exceptions and footnotes and bring them together with documentation from multiple disciplines?

Well, then you have an entire History unto itself. A new story that challenges our assumptions and gives us insight into the past. And that’s what I’m hoping people can find here, in an accessible, readable, and easily shareable format.

The best part for me is the “easily shareable” thing.


so-i-grudgingly-joined-this-site asked:

Do you know if Bioware's canon applies to the World of Thedas guides as well as the novels/comics? Or does World of Thedas just stay intentionally vague about the branch points where players' story choices would happen?

ageofdragon answered:

As far as I know, The World of Thedas books are lore only so story doesn’t matter?

For the most part the lore books only delve into past events and the basis of events, such as the section magic and general views of magic, instead of the specifics of each side. So I suppose it would be the second one? Though I don’t think it would be any different either way, they are just to better expand on the world not the stories within it.

An example of this is Liana’s conversation with Celene at the start of Masked Empire. If I remember correctly the empress brings up the Fereldan Circle by saying “well, you know how that ended, you were there.” Liana just makes a pained expression leaving the reader to interpret that as any “Broken Circle” quest ending.